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Glasgow road closures will be in full effect and major routes closed for the next few days as COP26 approaches

Glasgow road closures will be in full effect and major routes closed for the next few days as COP26 approaches | Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

As the world leaders arrive for COP26 there are some major disruptions to travel in Glasgow. More details are below.

The people of Glasgow are being notified by the council on how they can prepare for COP26. Some roads, footpaths and cycleways will be closed or access to them restricted due to security concerns during this international conference which begins on Sunday!

Maps are the best way to navigate your way around during an event like COP26. We’ve created a set of maps which show where you can expect there to be congestion linked with specific events, and also one for all roads closed as well so that people will know what they need when it comes time for their commute home after days full of meetings end! It is important not just plan routes beforehand but allow yourself more leeway in terms getting from point A-B-- leave earlier than necessary if needed due traffic or other factors such as public transport availability - without feeling too rushed at both ends since these resources take into account any potential delays caused by road closures.


  • Congress Road: Road Closed 0600hrs 10th October to 0600hrs 17th November.
  • Congress Way, Finnieston Quay, Tunnel Street, Stobcross Road (section Parallel to A814) and Castlebank Street: These road will be subject to lane restriction and road closures between the 17th to 23rd October. Full road closure 2100hrs 24th October to 0600hrs 21st November.
  • Clyde Arc and Lancefield Quay: Road Closure 2100hrs 23rd October to 0600hrs Monday 15th November. Note Clyde Arc and Lancefield Quay will reopen to Service Buses Only at 0600hrs 24th October.
  • Finnieston Street – Houldsworth Street to Lancefield Quay: Road Closure 2100hrs 24th October to 0600hrs Monday 15th November. Local Access southbound will be maintained until 28th October.
  • Clydeside Expressway – Partick Interchange to Anderston (Jnct 19): Road Closure 2100hrs Saturday 23rd October to 0600hrs Monday 15th November.
  • Minerva Street - West Greenhill Place: Road Closed 0600hrs 28th October to 0600hrs 13th November. Local Access to private carparks maintained.


Glasgow's Focus

Glasgow is focused on ensuring that COP26 will be a successful event by keeping traffic moving, providing public health measures and laying the groundwork for sustainable change.

Together we can all help the city thrive throughout our moment in the spotlight, while prioritising one another and our visitors. Much has been said internationally about how this global conference will have a significant impact on recovery from coronavirus pandemics going forward.

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