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Paisley Town Centre Junction Improvements: A Step Towards a More Connected and Efficient Urban Space

Paisley Town Centre Junction Improvements: A Step Towards a More Connected and Efficient Urban Space - Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

Renfrewshire, Scotland - Paisley town centre is set to witness a significant transformation with planned changes at two key junctions, aimed at enhancing bus journeys and improving the overall experience for road users and pedestrians. These changes, part of a broader initiative to promote public transport and create a safer, more accessible urban environment, are expected to bring substantial benefits to the community and local businesses.

Key Junctions Undergoing Transformation

The junctions at the heart of this development are:

  1. Glasgow Road, Mill Street, Gauze Street, and Incle Street
  2. Gauze Street, Cotton Street, and Lawn Street

Major Changes and Their Implications

Glasgow Road, Mill Street, Gauze Street, and Incle Street

  • Bus and Taxi Lane: A dedicated lane is being added on Glasgow Road, enhancing the efficiency of public transport.
  • Traffic Flow Modifications: The slip road from Incle Street onto Glasgow Road is being replaced with a left-turn at the junction, and continuous traffic flow onto Glasgow Road will be maintained unless interrupted by a new signal-controlled pedestrian crossing.
  • Pedestrian Safety and Accessibility: New signal-controlled pedestrian crossings at Incle Street and Gauze Street will improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians.

(Image: Renfrewshire Council)

Gauze Street, Cotton Street, and Lawn Street

  • Roundabout Installation: A roundabout will replace the current junction, with signal-controlled pedestrian crossings remaining in place.
  • Traffic and Pedestrian Adjustments: Modifications to Cotton Street will support two-way traffic, and the northbound section, closest to Paisley Abbey, will be pedestrianized, enhancing the area's aesthetic and pedestrian friendliness.

Benefits of the Junction Changes

These improvements are funded by Bus Partnership funding from Transport Scotland and are designed to balance the needs of all road users and pedestrians. The main benefits include:

  • Quicker, more reliable bus journeys.
  • Priority to buses running behind schedule through the bus and taxi lane.
  • Efficient use of the roundabout for bus services finishing at Paisley town centre.
  • Enhanced pedestrian safety with new signal-controlled crossings.
  • Improved traffic management and reduced speed from Incle Street onto Glasgow Road.
  • Maintained business access with dedicated loading bays and on-street parking provisions.

Community Engagement and Feedback

The Renfrewshire Council is actively seeking feedback on these proposals until Friday, 22 December 2023. This community engagement is crucial in ensuring that the final plans reflect the needs and preferences of local residents, businesses, and organizations.


The Paisley town centre junction improvements represent a significant step towards creating a more connected, efficient, and pedestrian-friendly urban space. These changes are expected to enhance the quality of life for residents, improve business prospects, and contribute to the overall vibrancy of Paisley.