Vehicle MOT with Paisley Autocare

Our vehicle MOT’s are just £24.99.”When booked online” We are a registered and authorised MOT centre based in Paisley, Scotland. If you have any questions regarding an MOT then please get in touch prior to booking.

What gets checked in an MOT?

Here’s a brief list of checks that we will perform on your vehicle. A more comprehensive list can be found on DirectGov.

tick Exterior: Body or Vehicle Structure, Mirrors, Doors
tick Interior; seats, seat belts
tick Vehicle Brakes
tick Exhaust system and emissions
tick Lights; headlights, sidelights, indicators
tick Tyres; condition, tread depth. Spare tyres not inspected.
tick Windscreen; cracks, chips
tick Vehicle steering and suspension

For more details on vehicle MOT’s we recommend contacting us, or visiting DirectGov.