Recovery & Breakdown

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Vehicle Recovery Services

When you call us about a vehicle recovery, we will arrive at your location as quickly as possible to perform our initial evaluation. We will determine which is the best course of action for extracting your vehicle and will call for backup, if needed.

Once we have documented everything necessary for insurance purposes, we will get set up to recover your vehicle and we will take great care in getting your vehicle out safely.




Your car battery goes flat

Modern car batteries give little warning that they are about to expire. One minute they work fine. The next they’re dead. Couple this lack of warning with the usual human errors of leaving the car’s lights on and it’s apparent that a fast reliable car battery breakdown service is essential.






At Paisley Autocare we take the time and training to make sure our drivers know how to best tow, recover and transport speciality, prestige and sports vehicles like no other towing company. We have special ramps to ensure lowered vehicles don’t get damaged during loading.





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