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BMW M4 GT4: A new level of speed and performance | Paisley Autocare

BMW M4 GT4: A new level of speed and performance | Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |



The new BMW M4 GT4 was on display for the first time this Friday, with a test run at Nürburgring-Nordschleife (GER). The car will go into production in October 2022 and teams should have their vehicles by March 2023 when racing begins again after its winter break.

It's not just about speed: these cars are also packed full of tech features like adjustable aerodynamics packages which help them perform better than ever before as well.


The new BMW M4 GT4 is a far cry from its predecessor in both design and performance. The car has been developed to take on the challenges faced by participants during races such as LeMans, Nurburgring-Nordschleife, Silverstone Circuit or Laguna Seca track located near Monterey City which are all closed-course tracks requiring high levels of skills not seen commonly outside these specific areas due to their varying layouts making them difficult for others cars competing against each other but also makes it an attractive choice if you're looking out just buying yourself some time before turning around because this will be your only shot at victory.

The new BMW M4 GT4 was developed to take on and beat racers from other series. To do this, it poses as much of the tech found in its production model along with some extra components that can be used by teams racing against them or even members looking for privateer competition opportunities - all while remaining cost-effective enough so only professionals will truly appreciate its sleek design.


The new BMW M4 GT4 is the first race car to be developed using cutting-edge technology from partner companies. With strong support and input, these experts were able to make an important contribution toward project success.


The BMW M4 GT4 is entering the final phase of testing before it goes into production. This includes taking part in races like Nürburgring Endurance Series and 24 Hours at Portimão (POR). Production will start mid-month with deliveries expected by October 2022 for pricing set at 187 thousand euros net price despite near-development status due to SRO homologation looming large over all race series around the world allowing usage across GTXO everywhere.