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DVLA Highway Code that come into effect on January 29

Stuart Ross |

With the new year just around the corner, it's time to update your knowledge of UK road safety rules! The Highway Code will be changing on January 29 with eight updated regulations and 49 modifications.

Major changes are coming to our roads. The Hierarchy of Road Users was recently introduced, which prioritize vulnerable users like cyclists and pedestrians over cars when it comes down to who gets priority on our deadly highways.


The main changes to the road layout will be a reduction in car traffic, and an increase for cyclist's safety. Pedestrians also get priority over vehicles when they're turning or at junctions so that there can effectively be no drivers around them if possible!

Cyclists are now advised to use the centerline in order make themselves more visible on quiet roads and slow moving traffic, or approaching junctions when it would be unsafe for a vehicle to overtake.