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Get to Know the All-New McLaren Artura GT4

Get to Know the All-New McLaren Artura GT4 Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

McLaren Artura GT4

The all-new Artura GT4 racecar is a sleek and sophisticated addition to McLaren's already successful lineage of competition cars. This high-octane machine will battle it out on the track this summer, but its real talent shines when you need an instant blast from your past: The brand new MCL32 can be yours for just $3 million.


The new Artura GT4 is a racing version of the McLaren Automotive Urban Family lineup, featuring carbon fibre construction and open architecture. This means drivers can enjoy increased safety as well as more adjustability for their driving positions thanks to its rigid structure that was designed specifically with race cars in mind.


The new GT4 is more than 100kg lighter than its predecessor, and this can be attributed to the minimisation of weight by way of engineering. key elements including a compact V6 engine with ancillaries that have been optimised for reduced mass help make up some o these numbers - making it one sleek competitor in today's market.


The Artura road car is a lightweight, high-performance machine with an all-new compact twin-turbo 120-degree V6 engine. The fuel cell and drive system are now installed in the transmission where they belong to keep weight central while low down for better handling on track or street circuits.


McLaren Automotive is set to continue its intensive test and development programme ahead of the 2023 season when customer cars first compete. Customers can register interest in these new Artura GT4s now through McLaren Motorsport Retailers.