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Honda reveals all-new Civic Type R with additional horsepower and even better performance

Honda reveals all-new Civic Type R with additional horsepower and even better performance Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

Civic Type R


The most powerful Civic to date has been created with one goal in mind: delivering thrilling performance and an addictive driving experience. revealed at this evening's event, the 2023 Honda Type R will be offered both on road or racetrack when it goes sale next year.

The all-new 11th generation Civic Hatchback from Honda has been refreshed with a more aggressive design, increased performance and enhancements to provide an immersive high definition driving experience. The car combines its class leading speed along side low ceilings for those who want less cabin space while still maintaining excellent fuel efficiency ratings in order make it attractive across many buyers.

The all-new Civic Type R is a car built on the mantra of "more than speed,"power and handling--it's how you feel inside your vehicle when driving it. And American Honda has found just that in its newest addition: an amazing range from thrilling performance to awesome grip; technological advancements like direct injection fuel cell technology which offers more power while improving emissions credentials as well aggressive design with sporty exterior cues such at widebody tires (that can even be removed) make this model one worth checking out.

Civic Type R has been a symbol of extreme performance and desirability for years. The all-new 2023 Civic model just set an exciting new production car record at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan, where it secured its legacy as one if their best performing models ever made.

Performance-Focused Engineering

The Civic Type R is a high performance car that has been designed to meet the demands of track day enthusiasts. With its nimble yet rigid body, this vehicle will allow drivers more control over their driving experience as they navigate through turns at breakneck speeds without feeling too overwhelmed by handling difficulties or risk takers who want something capable but not too tough The powerful 2 liter engine pairs well with an improved six speed manual gearbox which facilitates quick shifters for when you need them most.

Powerful Aerodynamic Design

With its muscular yet sleek design, the new Type R offers drivers a car that's not only fast on track but also handles beautifully. The integration of advanced aerodynamics allows for well-balanced downforce and reduced drag to give you an edge in your race.

Immersive Cockpit Experience

Civic Type R is an intense, performance-focused car with emotive details. The iconic red seats and carpet have been updated for the 2023 model year while a serialized plate now sits on dashboards of all new cars made by this company! Suede like upholstery helps reduce body slippage when driving through high G.

The exclusive +R driving mode allows the driver to instantly show necessary information with a graphic engine rpm display, rev indicator lights and gear position indicators. A lower multi-information screen can also be customized by them for more detailed displays of their choosing.

Honda's LogR™ data loggers are perfect for professional drivers who want to record their lap times and share videos of themselves driving. The device has all the features needed, like timing on one stopwatch as well as viewing Analytics reports from your phone which provide information about how fast you're going or what gear changes were made during each segment in order set up training footage with ease.

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