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Hyundai N Brand Unveils Two Rolling Lab Concepts, RN22e and her rival N Vision 74

Hyundai N Brand Unveils Two Rolling Lab Concepts, RN22e and her rival N Vision 74 Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

RN22e and her rival N Vision 74


Hyundai Motor’s high-performance N sub-brand is showing off its electrification vision to the world. These two ‘rolling lab' concepts, RN22e and her rival 'N Vision 74', demonstrate how committed Hyundai are in developing future focused zero emissions technologies for all cars.

Hyundai Motor’s ‘rolling labs' are where it tests and verifies the company's advanced technologies to apply them in future production models. RN22e melds all-new IONIQ 6 with Electric Global Modular Platform (E G M P), while setting a new standard for high performance EVs; meanwhile N Vision 74 combines Hydrogen fuel cell system making this Hyundai NVersion74 -first hybrid lab exploring “driving fun" during era of electrification.

The future of N road cars is here! With both RN22e and VISION 74 being tested by Hyundai engineers, they will be able to install their advanced technologies in any new models released.

The IONIQ 6-based racetrack ready performance vehicle, RN 22e offers the latest in energy efficient engineering with its market leading E - GMP Packaged inside an sleek and futuristic design. As one of N's first rolling labs based on this new generation power plant technology it shows that they are committed to bringing us high voltage electric cars without sacrificing anything else about their brand including luxury or style.

The new RN22e maximizes N’s three performance pillars, starting with “corner rascal.” The cornering capability has been developing since the brand launch and it provides e-LSD for most models; this is where lightness meets acceleration to give you ultimate control in any situation - even when pushing hard on track! It also comes equipped as AWD so drivers can choose between fronts or rears if they want more power during different driving modes depending upon conditions (front+ Rear: ideal winter setting).