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New Ford E-Transit Supervan is the world's fastest electric van

New Ford E-Transit Supervan is the world's fastest electric van - Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

Introducing the Ford E-Transit Supervan

The first-ever electrified chapter in Ford’s legendary Supervan series was opened today with the global reveal of an ultra-high performing vehicle at this year's Goodwood Festival Of Speed.

The all-new Ford Pro Electric SuperVan is an electric vehicle that will be on display at this year's Detroit Auto Show. It has been designed to showcase how advanced technology can help you go further and do more with less environmental impact, while also making life easier for your employees in the process.


With the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan, we can now achieve higher levels of performance than ever before with our vans.

The Electric SuperVan is a high-performance, all-electric vehicle that produces 2.3 times more power than the average gas guzzler and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in less than two seconds! This unprecedentedly quick van has been designed with input from Europe’s best-selling van, the E Transit Custom which was recently unveiled by Ford Motor Company The onboard tech includes a bespoke motorized battery pack delivering 50kWh worth of juice alongside four identical cooling systems.

Selectable drive modes and regenerative braking technologies similar to those on Ford production electric vehicles also feature. The enhanced connectivity keeps the driver informed, enabling real-time data transmission for remote vehicle management that's optimized performance.

Ford’s first SuperVan was a revolutionary design that began the tradition of vans being more than just cargo carriers. The Transit Mk 1 featured an engine from one of their most successful race cars, the Le Mans-winning Ford GT40 and its predecessor—the original version released back in the 1970s with a 590 PS Cosworth V8 powerplant under its hood which would later be reborn as facelifted "Transit 3" lookalike vehicle powered by 650 PS Formula One style engines shared between two different makes: helping both on-road or off-track success storytellers around world wide circuits.

The Ford Pro Electric Super Van is a one-off demonstrator, leaving the team at Ford Design free to create an extreme-looking vehicle that grabs attention and reflects its performance capabilities. The outlandish wheel arches give it more style than other vans while also showing off how powerful this van really can be with all-electric powertrain options available.

Ford’s performance model Electric SuperVan has all the aerodynamic features of a high-quality racing car with an incredible amount of consumer safety. The dramatic bodywork, such as the front splitter and side skirts would be at home on any track while Ford's radical rear design is sure to generate enough downforce for even slippery tracks like Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The Electric SuperVan is outfitted with a full roll cage and racing seats to FIA standards for safety, as well as an advanced SYNC touchscreen taken directly from Ford’s production vehicles such as the Mustang Mach-E 6 controlling connectivity & information systems. If required drivers can take some time off from hustling up hills or around racetracks in order to plot their route safely while also finding chargers.

The touchscreen enables you to choose from five different drive modes that tailor the Electric SuperVan’s torque maps, regenerative braking and control responses for your specific situation.

  • Road – for rare cases of “normal” driving
  • Track – for balancing speed and cornering on track with racing slick tyres
  • Drag – for maximum acceleration on drag strips while using drag racing radial tyres
  • Drift – for spectacular drifting, agility demonstrations and snow driving
  • Rally – for optimum performance on tarmac and gravel rally stages with special tyres

The new E-Transit has all of the features that drivers want in their high-performance cars. Its electronics package includes traction control, launch control and even a pit lane speed limiter! The three-stage regenerative braking system will bring energy back for you to use on-demand with an easy button press when driving at maximum speeds up hills or trying out some fast laps around your favourite track.

Like a modern racing car, the Electric SuperVan is fast and nimble. With real-time data sent to remote vehicle management software for tracking its health or security by businesses that use Ford Pro E Telematics 7 & 8 combined with dedicated tools provided in concert through the Performance Trackside Engineering monitoring process; this revolutionary van can provide insights on speed--including how many laps drivers run per mile travelled (LPRPM).

The Electric SuperVan is an experiment in electric vehicle engineering and connectivity. It's a demanding testbed for future race cars, designed with unrestricted autonomy to improve both on-road vehicles as well as software/services that are available through Ford’s brand new mobility strategy!