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Pollok Roundabout: A New Era of Traffic Management

Pollok Roundabout Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

Pollok Roundabout


The current traffic system at the roundabout where Peat Road meets Barrhead Road is grappling with congestion during peak hours, and a decade-long analysis up to mid-2022 reveals a pressing need for improvements. With 46 accidents, including two fatalities, recorded at the roundabout, the urgency for a safer and more efficient traffic system is clear.

Glasgow City Council has proposed a solution to this issue: a transformation of the Pollok Roundabout into a twin traffic signal-controlled junction. This innovative approach aims to enhance safety by ensuring equitable access for traffic from all directions, thereby reducing driver frustration. Additionally, it will facilitate a smoother and safer passage for pedestrians and cyclists.

Image Source SPT / Glasgow City Council


The redesign of the roundabout is driven by several key objectives:

  • Minimizing congestion and queuing for all road users.
  • Reducing travel time.
  • Prioritizing public transport.
  • Enhancing pedestrian routes.
  • Incorporating provisions for cyclists.


The proposed changes are designed to encourage active travel through a busy junction, promoting a shift towards more sustainable modes of transport.

The segregated cycle route on Brockburn Road will be seamlessly integrated into the new traffic signal junction. This will create safer routes for pedestrians and cyclists heading to and from the Silverburn Centre, encourage active travel among local school students, and provide safe access to the leisure centre.

Image Source SPT / Glasgow City Council

The replacement of the roundabout with a twin traffic signal-controlled junction will not only enhance safety for vehicle users by ensuring equal access from all approach roads, but it will also reduce waiting times and frustration.

Key elements of the proposal include:

  • Realigning Braidcraft Road to form a twin traffic signal junction.
  • Creating separate lanes for left turns.
  • Controlling both vehicular and pedestrian movements with traffic signals.
  • Integrating the recent cycle route on Brockburn Road and expanding shared footways.
  • Closing gaps in central reservations.
  • Creating a public realm area, complete with seating.


The design work for this transformative project has been funded by the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT). This investment underscores the commitment to creating a safer, more efficient, and more sustainable traffic system for the city.