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Renault futuristic AIR4 flying car

Renault futuristic AIR4 flying car | Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

Renault has revealed the AIR4, a futuristic, flying version of the classic Renault 4 to celebrate its 60th anniversary. It was designed by Renault and Matra (which Renault acquired in 1970). The AIR4s shown here are concept cars that will not enter production. They were built as part-time efforts: Renault’s design centre worked on them for 18 months while Matra built them during the space agency's lunch breaks.

The designers at TheArsenale have created a vision of the future for one of Renault's most successful products ever. With over 8 million units built from 1961-1992, they've partnered with this model to celebrate its 60th anniversary and gone on an adventure in quadcopter form as Air4!

Renault said that real-world trials could begin with the flying vehicle and it will be interesting to see how this progresses over time, but so far everything has gone smoothly according to their test subjects who have taken trips around France in just two hours or less on average!

Instead of wheels, the vehicle uses four propellers to propel it through air. Propeller blades are aligned in a perpendicular direction and sit at each corner of this flying car's frame with driver access gained by lifting up on an exposed section near front-hinged cockpit coverings It sounds like something from science fiction or one those old futuristic movies where they have these crazy vehicles that look futuristic but aren’t because we don't really know how else you can fly without wings yet!

It is powered by 22,000mAh lithium-polymer batteries which provide enough force for a horizontal top speed of 26m per second and an incline up to 45 degrees. This vehicle can fly as high as 700 meters without any restrictions on take off speeds or landing velocities; it's just that you have to be careful when flying near obstacles since there are limits set at 4 mph with vertical thrusts being limited at 380 kg total due its size constraints.

Image credits: Renault/Matra