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The Precision and Agility of the 911 GT3 R Race Car

The Precision and Agility of the 911 GT3 R Race Car Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

911 GT3 R

Porsche has revealed its new, factory-built race car that's based on the current 992 generation of 911s.


It'll cost you $567,210 and it comes ready for racing events such as North America’s IMSA series or even international competitions like Intercontinental GT Challenge where they can take place anywhere from Macau to Buriram Thailand . You might want this baby if your favorite track is Nordschleife in Germany because not only does Porsche build them tough but their engines are naturally aspirated too.

The most powerful and technically sophisticated GT3 racing car, the 911 GT3 R is specifically designed for competition on closed circuits. It stands as a middle-tier model between two other high tier models: namely its roadster cousin (911 rs) which will be introduced this year with some design traits found only here; while also being louder than either of these cars due to larger 4matic engine capacity generating 600 HP from rear turtlespeed 949kgs - making it one fast beast.

The 911 GT3 is one of the most extreme examples in its class, and it's not hard to see why. The car features a wide range or detail changes that really make this vehicle stand out from others like itself - vented hoods are common among many 991 models but they're larger here; so too with wheel arch tear surfaces made by using aramid fiber material insteadium steel for example.

The engineers behind the new GT3 R car were not aiming to make it faster than its predecessor, as any advantage is erased via Balance of Performance rules. Instead they focused on improving durability and making sure this vehicle can drive for longer periods before needing repairs or retiring from racing engagements - all in an effort that should result with much better race results.

The new 4.2-liter flat six is an engineering marvel and has been key to the success of this car's predecessor, as it offers more power than its predecessor while maintaining good fuel efficiency! The development team also took care when designing these engines not only in terms on how they function but what riders will feel during driving them too; making sure there are no vibrations or other uncomfortable noises coming from under their hoods at all times (and if something does go wrong which might happen sometimes with cars). These measures helped ensure stability both aerodynamically-, physically-, legally.

The new engine delivers a whopping 565 horsepower, up 15 from its predecessor! This is thanks in part to bigger displacement and torque curves that improve performance across the rev range. Drive goes through your standard 6 speed sequential transmission with paddle shifters; it's an easy way for you get behind the wheel without having too many features or buttons on display for potential buyers who might be intimidated by all this technology (or just not sure what they do).


The engine is now tilted forward, making room for the underbody diffuser. This new design also allows some additional components that were originally located at rear of vehicle to be positioned lower and further ahead while still maintaining weight balance between both sides.


The new 911 GT3 R will make its public debut at the 2022 24 Hours of Spa on this weekend and then race again in January 2023, one year ahead from when it races now.