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Transforming East Renfrewshire: The Glasgow City Region City Deal Update

Transforming East Renfrewshire: The Glasgow City Region City Deal Update Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

What is the Glasgow City Region City Deal?


The Glasgow City Region City Deal is a transformative initiative, bringing significant investment to East Renfrewshire. With a total budget of £44 million, the project aims to stimulate economic growth, improve transport links, enhance leisure opportunities, support business development, and unlock residential land.

Key Progress and Developments

  • M77 Strategic Corridor Programme: Initially approved in 2015, this programme focuses on improving road transport networks, developing Dams to Darnley Country Park as a visitor destination, enhancing public transport, and supporting the regeneration of Barrhead.
  • Completed Projects: Notable successes include the regeneration of Levern Works and the development of Greenlaw Business Centre, which have contributed to business growth and job creation.
  • Covid-19 Impact: The pandemic has affected timelines and costs, but the council has adapted by revising project scopes and budgets.

Revised Projects and Budgets

New Rail Station at Barrhead South: A key project, it aims to improve accessibility to jobs and services. The revised budget for this project is £18 million, increased due to enhanced scope and inflation.

Country Park Visitor Facilities: Adjustments made due to increased visitor numbers and changing usage patterns during the pandemic. The revised budget is now £2.5 million.

Aurs Road Improvement: This enhanced scheme aims to improve local connections and support the visitor facilities at Dams to Darnley Country Park. The projected cost is £17 million.

Economic Benefits

The City Deal projects are expected to generate significant Gross Value Added (GVA) over the next 25 years, with revised projects showing even greater potential than initially anticipated.

The focus on strategic projects like Barrhead South Station, Aurs Road, and Balgraystone Road is predicted to substantially increase the GVA and return on public sector investment.


East Renfrewshire’s City Deal programme showcases the council's long-term vision and commitment to sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Despite challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic, the council has efficiently managed to revise and redirect the projects to maximize benefits.

Looking Ahead

The council continues to focus on these key projects, ensuring they deliver the maximum possible benefit within the given timelines. The strategic approach taken in revising and realigning the projects is a testament to the council’s adaptability and commitment to the region's growth and prosperity.

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