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Australia's proposed Super Car License requirements for high-powered vehicles

Australia's proposed Super Car License requirements for high-powered vehicles Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

Super Car Licence

If you have ever dreamt of taking a high-powered car on an adventure across Australia, then it may be time to grab your license and prepare for additional training. The state lawmakers in South Australia plan to introduce stricter requirements soon which will make sure only qualified individuals are able to drive these types of vehicles.

When Sophia Naismith was killed three years ago in Australia, the Lamborghini Huracan driver was said to be under speed limit at time of accident.
His acceleration caused him drift up onto footpath where girl walked and kill instantly.

Malinauskas is determined to make South Australia's roads safer, and one way he plans on doing so is through new road safety laws. Onelaw they're drafting would require individuals who want a license for either motorcycle or commercial driving have passed both random drug tests as well comprehensive background checks before getting their permit/driver’s license.

The licensing requirements for high powered vehicles are not clear. It's likely owners of cars above a certain power threshold (400hp) will need to take additional safety courses and maybe even fast-performance driving classes in order fully understand the limits their car.

The prospect of having to re-take their driving test after owning a high power car is not very appealing for many drivers.