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How the aeroG Aviation AG-4 Liberty Will Change Unmanned Aviation

How the aeroG Aviation AG-4 Liberty Will Change Unmanned Aviation Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

AG-4 Liberty

AeroG Aviation, LLC is a company focused on creating innovative technology. They have theoretical proofs and simulation science to determine whether their projects are feasible or capable of being implemented into aircraft designs they provide this information straight away - "Creating business partnerships for developing new forms of transportation". Since November 2019 CEO Joseph Erik Mattern has been acting as a leader in the industry-changing innovations at Aeron."

The team's first simulation project was an unmanned cargo aircraft developed at Bergen Community College in 2015 by the company founder. funded through a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) grant from his alma mater--he graduated with a degree valedictorian! This research formed the base for AeroG Aviation LLC which is now ready to take on new challenges like developing world-class software products that will improve people’s lives worldwide.

The aG-4 Liberty is the first of its kind: an all-electric aircraft with four propellers. It can operate at speeds up to 346 mph (555 km/h) and produce more than 300 knots worth of torque from just two blades on each side, reducing power consumption while in flight for longer periods during cruising mode - enabling this airplane's potential as both environmentally friendly transport or military weapon.

The development team's goal was to create an aircraft with the performance capabilities of small jets or turboprops but in a more affordable package.

In 2018, aero Aviation completed the design and specifications for its first-ever mass-market plane that can accommodate up to 8 passengers. The UV-4 is released as well introducing structural improvements in addition to autopilot features thanks to their latest update from 2019 on how it will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells which they have patented recently too!