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E-ternité Concept: The Future of Alpine

E-ternité Concept: The Future of Alpine Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

E-ternité Concept


This week, Alpine revealed their latest innovation: a 100% electric open top car called "A110 E-ternité". It is the first of its kind and marks an exciting new era for this iconic manufacturer. As if it wasn't enough that they were celebrating 60 years since creating what many consider to be one offIPP vehicles with practicality in mind (and without forgetting style), now we can add another honor onto our list.

The arrival of Luca de Meo and the announcement that Alpine is going 100% electric gave our teams a clear direction for work. This allowed us to explore electrics in an exploratory way, using this prestigious vehicle as bridge between past greatness with even more ambition ahead.

What would you say if I told you that the new A110 is so much more than just an electric version of your favorite car? The designers knew from experience how important it was to shed weight, especially at this price point. So instead of designing a different battery for each variant (like what happened with Mégane), they took advantage ol' buddy " standardized parts." That means no matter which vehicle type gets equipped with these modules - gas or fuel cell powered cars alike – there's always twelve available inside.

The engineers at Alpine wanted to find a smooth and efficient gearbox without torque breakage, but also light. They studied in-house with their supplier of double clutch transmissions for an electronic control system like on the A110 engine car--but made specifically so it can handle high stressing ratios! The DCT's clutches dimensions were tuned by us here too because we know that breakingollower improves performance while reducing weight where possible.

The team's ingenious innovation combined two different types of electronics to create a system that would allow for more features in combustion engines, while also adding new technology from electric vehicles. They created "Overtake" and enabled communication between batteries so you can keep your car up-to date with its' performance even when one battery isn't working properly.

The car's audio system is like nothing I've ever heard before. It has 8 speakers including a subwoofer and they're all connected to one central speaker in front of me, but it also contains two rear new ones as well.

The materials used on some key parts of this car are made from flax, a typeof fiber that's just as strong and lighter than carbonfibre. The second E-ternité prototype also showcases new technology applied to the bonnet ( hood ) skin , roof(back), rear windowgrille seat shellsand skirt rear panels which all contain these durable yet flexible components created using plant stalks.

Designers are now able to create parts that work with multiple materials, making it easier for them in the future. In addition this new experience also means you can prepare yourself! Indeed composite materials mean your mould will be compatible and produce carbon fiber or glass-fibre composites just as well
and more easily than before.