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The All-New MINI Concept Aceman: The First Electric Crossover Model

The All-New MINI Concept Aceman: The First Electric Crossover Model Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

MINI Concept Aceman

MINI has announced a new concept car that combines features from their popular MINI Cooper and Countryman models. "The Concept Ace man provides insights into what we can expect in future vehicles" says Head Of Marketing At MINIs, Stefanie Wurstean." This one represents an electric go-kart feel with immersive digital technology for your entertainment needs combined onto sustainability practices including low environmental impact.

MINI has taken a step back into the past with its newest concept car, which features designs typical of what you would see on any old MINI. Icons are being updated for our digital age while still keeping some traditional aspects that make them so recognizable in modern cars today.

The bright turquoise shade of the Icy Sunglow green bodywork is complimented by traditional British Racing Green for an eye-catching contrast. To match, accents are placed on lower edge in dark hues that give this vehicle's lively character center stage.

MINI's new Electric Vehicle takes up less space on the road while offering more comfort, versatility and emotion than ever before.

The MINI Concept Aceman's interior is designed to be both intuitive and welcoming. The car features an attractive design with premium materials, simple colors schemes for your preference or need at any given time of day - all while maximizing customer experience in terms of technology which characterizes this brand so well.

The display area that extends beyond the central interface is another highlight. Moving image projections can transfer control system content to entire dashboard, creating unique digital experience extending right into door panels.