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2022 Volkswagen Golf R Estate - Your (not so) typical Golf

2022 Volkswagen Golf R Estate - Your (not so) typical Golf | Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

The Golf R Estate may be a sporty, yet versatile car for all walks of life. It's not just an estate—this 4-door can easily adapt to your family and maintain its reputation as one that is comfortable enough for cruising with friends or taking leisurely drives around town!

The Golf R Estate is the perfect combination of an everyday compact with performance and emotions. It's made for people who want sportiness, ingenuity in their life while still being able to be a family car.

The Golf R Estate is a car with the new 4MOTION all-wheel drive system, which has been tuned especially for impressing drivers. In addition to controlling torque from each wheel individually as needed it also distributes power between them according to how you're driving! If there's only front tyres on an icy road then they'll get most of your traction; however if something happens and one or more rear wheels start slipping too much - such as during cornering ABS will make sure that doesn't happen any longer by lightening up those parking breaks while still giving full support through turns without skidding out completely.

The new Golf R Estate is a car built to turn heads and make jaws drop with its revolutionary design.
The fitted as standard in all-new Golf models are the multifunction sports leather steering wheel, premium seats at front sported by blue rimmed head restraints sporting an iconic checkerboard pattern