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Ferrari 296 GT3- one of the most coveted cars in 2023

Ferrari 296 GT3- one of the most coveted cars in 2023 Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

Ferrari 296 GT3

The Prancing Horse is about to take on a new challenge in GT racing with their latest evolution, the 296 GT3. This mid-rear engined sports car represents what's next for Ferrari and how they're transferring technology from production cars into competition models.

Ferrari has always been at the top of their game when it comes to building fast cars, but this new GT3 takes them into uncharted territory. The Ferrari 296GT3 was designed with innovation in mind and features a 120° turbocharged 6-cylinder engine that's unlike any other on earth.

The return of the six cylinder engine to tracks is a big deal, and marks an era for Ferrari. The 296 GT3 takes this trend even further with its 120° vee configuration that features equally-spaced firings based off its road going twin model as well some serious tech upgrades including turbos inside said V6 combustion unit which offer significant benefits in terms lower centre gravity or mass reduction along side increased power levels.

With its compact design, the engine is lighter and more powerful. It also features an intake manifold which integrates with cylinder heads to reduce volume without losing performance or efficiency in order for it be achievable while still meeting safety regulations.

The engineering team at Ferrari worked with their partners to design, fine-tune and manufacture all internal fluid dynamics of the engine. They aimed for uncompromising performance as well as reliable longevity in both Sprint races or Endurance ones--for this type competition they did everything possible so that consumption would not exceed what's optimal while still maintaining high levels on power output without sacrificing any vital aspects like strategy flexibility/intervention times etc... For example: The alternator is attached directly onto gearbox components because it improves compactness & rigidity which allows technicians easy accessibility when servicing it.

The Xtrac gearbox is a new and specially developed for this car. The designers opted to use only one disc clutch unit with six gears, arranged transversely so it can be better optimized in weight distribution as well aerodynamics while driving through corners at high speeds like those found on tracks around Germany where they compete often against other internationally renowned automobile racing teams such 2014 Geneva Auto SHOW us an example). Clutch actuation has been made electronic allowing drivers greater control over their vehicle's acceleration by simply using steering wheel buttons instead of foot pedals which were traditionally used before but nowdays most sports cars don't need them.

The Ferrari 296 GTB was designed to be fast and sleek, but it also has the power needed for track racing. The designers took many factors into account when designing this car including aerodynamics so that they could create something special without sacrificing function or form with its sinuous shape enfolding volumes of air inside while maintaining connection between exterior looks which are inspired by production models such as 250LM 1963 predecessor model combining simplicity+functionality.


The Ferrari 296 GT3 is a car that has been designed from the ground up to be both fast and handling proficient. The aerodynamic configuration of this model, in combination with their advanced materials research team's hard work on finding ways for them maximize grip while sticking within legal boundaries ensures every inch will go towards making your driving experience as enjoyable (and dangerous) possible.

The 296 GT3 is a car that takes both its predecessor, the 488GT3 chassis but also draws on new experience to make it even better. The extreme lightness of this particular model allows for more efficient ballast management which helps performance and repeatability while being able exploit grip potential offered by tyres without compromising their integrity in just few laps thanks largely dueChommodorus safety structure using most sophisticated simulations & innovative technologies research especially alloys materials.


The 296 GT3 was developed with extreme use in mind, typical of the "Pro" classes where victory is always an option. For gentlemen drivers who race for fun and glory alike - this car has it all! The entire project concept emerged from 2020 onward when designers started makingeroom life simulations using computerised models before going live on track testing at Ferrari's 4WD Dyno facility later that same year where they delivered one-of kind results like never seen before...