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How the offroad tesla was built | Paisley Autocare

How the offroad tesla was built | Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

Offroad Tesla

The Real Life Guys are famous for their imaginative minds, which is what led them to think of building the world's first roadworthy off-road Tesla. They knew that with such an innovative idea and talented team behind it they would be able to take on any terrain.


The off-road capabilities of this electric vehicle are unprecedented. Two special steel constructions, including chains that weigh six tons and twelve springs per side, provide drive for two excavator wheels on each side to power the train through rough terrain without breaking or slipping apart due to its rugged design which includes an additional axle connected at both ends via steering gearbox motors; all within reachable distance thanks also Tesla's innovative technology.


The Real Life Guys team invested hundreds of hours into this project and the result is more than impressive! The Offroad Tesla was designed together with Autohero, who not only supported construction by providing a suitable car but also helped design an awesome-looking mode.