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How the Rivian Delivery Van will change Amazon shipping

How the Rivian delivery van will change Amazon shipping Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

Rivian Delivery Van

The two companies have announced that they plan to roll out thousands of custom electric delivery vehicles by the end of this year and 100,000 across America by 2030.

Rivian and Amazon are teaming up to create a line of electric vehicles that you can order right on your phone. They're designed from the ground-up with safety, sustainability, comfort in mind--and they've been thoroughly tested by drivers across America! The new car company has just announced their partnership with one very green eCommerce giant: Rivians was founded by former Tesla employees after quitting their job at auto manufacturer Elon Musk's SpaceX startup firm last year.

Amazon is rolling out a new fleet of trucks, with features that are designed to keep drivers safe. These vans have 360 degree visibility and interior cameras linked directly onto an LCD screen inside the vehicle as well as safety technologies like automatic emergency braking for when you need it most.

Though Amazon has been testing deliveries with Rivian preproduction vehicles since 2021, they have accumulated over 90 thousand miles in the process. This significant testing allowed them to continuously improve their performance and durability through various climates & geographies as well as ensuring driver satisfaction overall functionality of these new models on an ongoing basis by making adjustments where necessary for all cities that are being used currently during production rates.

When then-CEO Jeff Bezos announced a deal with the EV startup in 2019 to buy 100,000 vans that would be on roads by 2024 he said they should hit this goal fast. Now Amazon projects for these vehicles are set reach all corners of America by 2030 but has already begun rolling out across major cities including Baltimore; Chicago ; Dallas Kansas City Nashville Phoenix San Diego Seattle St Louis.

We're proud to announce that Amazon has deployed Rivian's electric vehicles as part of its Climate Pledge commitment," said CEO Andy Jassy. "These new, sustainable models are designed with driver input and feedback along the way--they offer a great experience for drivers in addition delivering clean electricity where it’s needed most.