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The Ford Focus is ending production- why?

The Ford Focus is ending production- why? Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

Ford Focus is ending production



Ford is not planning on replacing the Focus production at its vehicle assembly plant in Saarlouis, Germany. Instead, they will seek "alternative opportunities" for it including selling it to another automaker or moving some of their other auto plants elsewhere so that could help them avoid any job cuts among workers who are currently employed there.


We are currently exploring other alternative opportunities for vehicle production at Saarlouis, including manufacturers," said Rowley in a conference call with journalists on Wednesday. "For now we do not have an additional model that will go into this facility.


I’m sorry to hear that Saarlouis lost the bid for vehicle production on next-generation electric-car architecture. The move follows an earlier decision by Barcelonan city officials who accused them of plagiarizing their plans after learning how close these two cities are when it comes to regionally specialized automotive manufacturing practices!


Both Valencia and Saarlouis will experience "significantly" job reductions as Ford pivots to an electric-only future, Rowley warned. The reality of the industry is that it's hard enough keeping up with production on current models without adding more people who need jobs in place just for trucks or cars equipped with internal combustion engine options.


Ford has been making a lot of changes lately, but one thing that won't be changing is its investment in Saarlouis. The company announced last year they would be investing 600 million euros for improvements at the factory and it looks like this was well worth every penny because now Ford can make Focus cars here as opposed to cheaper production sites across Europe!