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The New 2022 CUPRA Born

The New 2022 CUPRA Born | Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

Meet the New CUPRA Born: 2022’s Sustainable Powerhouse

The CUPRA Born is the paradigm shifter, delivering jaw-dropping performance using cutting edge electric powertrain technology. The sleek and stylish design seamlessly augments its iconic predecessors with an all-electric future.

The CUPRA Born is the next stage in their development, and as industry moves towards an environmentally conscious position electrification will be key. The brand has already invested heavily into this technology by bringing plug-in hybrid versions of Leon models like Sportstourer or Formentor to market first; now they're adding fully electric vehicles too!


Electric vehicles are not only about pushing out high-powered electric engines, they also have the ability to go long distances on a single charge. The CUPRA Born is no exception with an impressive range of around 420km*.
The vehicle has been developed by Spyker Cars in collaboration with Daimler AG and features next generation technology from all three partners - including pure electric powertrains that deliver up 150 PS or 204 kW for maximum performance at your fingertips!

At first glance, the CUPRA Born looks like any other sports car. But with its battery positioned centrally between the axles and weight distribution almost 50/50 it's obvious that this vehicle has been built for two things: handling curves at high speeds with ease while still feeling nimble on roadways where you can't get there as fast if not handled correctly by your tires rolling over every imperfection in their way - giving them time to make corrections before contacting anything too hard or sustaining damage themselves!

The design gives off an undeniable sense of passion from cornering-to accelerating back down again but there are so many more factors going into making a sporty finished product such.

When you first walk up to the CUPRA Born, your eyes are immediately drawn down and into a puddle light that shines from one of its many mirrors. The logo is projected onto this small patchwork floor as if it was an ode for all those who enter this vehicle with style--and personality! Expressive lines give way only gradually; characterful surfacing make every detail count: From dramatic material cuts (however they may be) everything has been thoughtfully crafted so as not leave any stone unturned when crafting such authentic looks on wheels today.

The range of systems is expansive and all-encompassing; from predictive adaptive cruise control, which helps you stay centered in your lane at speeds up to 140 km/h (87 mph), to travel assist which can detect obstacles like potholes on the side of roadways. Additionally there are aspects such as exit assist that would be useful when merging onto highways or away from Onramps - these features make driving much smoother! The AI also has emergency pre crash system where it will apply brakes hard if sensors detected imminent danger ahead."