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What to expect when you book in your MOT

Stuart Ross |

Keeping you on the road

The MOT is an annual test of the roadworthiness of your car. It's a legal requirement to drive on the roads and not having a valid MOT could result in a fine and penalty points. An MOT test should take around an hour to complete, which means you can have your car approved before driving off for work or play. 

What to expect after your MOT

MOT faults are just part of car ownership, but it's important to know which ones will allow you to drive your car and which won't. MOT advisories need no immediate attention but may need dealing with in the future.

MOT is a test that most cars will go through every year with the clock ticking until it expires. It's important to come prepared because MOT faults can be split into various categories, and you'll need to know the difference. Advisories and minor faults won't stop your car from passing but will need to be dealt with; major and dangerous faults must be fixed immediately. If your vehicle has a dangerous fault, it can't be driven until it's been repaired

Book your MOT and Service together

Remember the date of your MOT and Service dates? Book them together with us at Paisley Autocare. You get a solid discount for booking these together, and time saving too! So book today to make life easier for you tomorrow.

You may have some work to do on your car, but you can relax. Let Paisley Auotcare fix the problem while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee. With our MOT and Service packages, not only are you getting cheaper prices, but by booking together it means one less thing for you to worry about!