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Jetson One, The Personal Electric Quad-Copter That Lets You Fly

Jetson One, The Personal Electric Quad-Copter That Lets You Fly | Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

The company's mission is to change how we travel. They want everyone, not just the wealthy or well-connected, Jetson One access an aerial vehicle that doesn't pollute our skies with gas and noise pollution from planes so they're working on a version for consumers in order make these dreams come true!

This month, the world's first all-electric vertical take off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft was launched. This is an important breakthrough in technology that should bring us closer than ever before to flying cars reality!

You're in a race-car inspired roll cage cockpit with maximum visibility allowed on every side. There are hover and emergency land functions, reminiscent of flyingconsumer drones like DJI MAVIC line . Sensors abound for obstacle collision avoidance so you can still fly safely if one motor is lost as well as rest assured that there's always Ballistic parachute.

The 190lb quadcopter is so sleek it looks like something out of Iron Man. With the top speed limited to 102km/h (or 63 miles per hour), you'll need a pretty mean piloting skills if want this bad boy in your possession!

There are a lot of expensive things on the market, but no other product comes close to being as luxurious. The Jeston One is currently available for purchase at $92K and it will arrive 50% assembled when delivered!