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The Lightyear One

The Lightyear One | Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

Lightyear One is the first truly autonomous car that won't leave you stranded. Explore your world, independent of charging infrastructure and never get lost again with this state-of-the art vehicle!

You've been waiting for it-- Lightyear one: an all electric luxury sports coupe

With its five square metres of solar panels you can drive for months without charging. Comprising a durable, safety glass encased array that complies with auto industry regulations and performs at an exceptional level in all weather conditions-the new solid roof/hood option fromfa automaker is sure not only reduce costs but also make driving more enjoyable!

With a fully charged battery, Lightyear One can cover an impressive range of 725 km on the WLTP drive cycle. This is due not only to their innovative power system but also because they follow laws of physics instead of convention when it comes down how energy efficiency should be used!

As the world moves to more sustainable energy sources, Lightyear is driving development of clean mobility in automotive industry. By enabling electric vehicles for everyone and everywhere we will accelerate sustainability transition with positive impact on climate change problem!