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The Brand New 2023 Acura Integra

The Brand New 2023 Acura Integra | Paisley Autocare

Stuart Ross |

Acura today revealed the highly anticipated new Integra, signaling an exciting return for enthusiasts of this celebrated name. Finished in striking Indy Yellow Pearl paint which can be seen prominently on NSX prototypes and cars alike, Acuraji's first look at next year's 2023 model will surely not disappoint when it arrives with prices starting below £24 thousand pounds!
  • Integra Prototype heralds the return of an iconic nameplate to the Acura lineup
  • 2023 Integra will be a premium sport compact with a coupe-like roofline and versatile five-door liftback design
  • First factory-turbocharged Integra takes power from a high-output 1.5-liter with VTEC®
  • Geared for enthusiasts, a 6-speed manual transmission will be offered
  • Uniquely aspirational and attainable, new Integra to start around $30,000 when it arrives next year

The new Integra is a premium sport compact with an evocative five-door design and fun-to drive spirit. It will be the first ever factory turbocharged model of its kind, made available for those who want it in their garage or on track day!
The original 1986 Acura Integra helped launch one of America’s favorite Japanese brands into success story territory - but times have changed since then. With this legacy as inspiration, 2023's upcoming third generation vehicle was built from scratch using stateoftheart technology so buyers can experience firsthand all that high quality engineering has come to mean today.

The Integra is one of the most iconic models in Acura's history, which means it has a lot to live up too. The new model will continue delivering on that legacy with features like emotional performance and style combined with versatility for today’s buyers who are looking for an un-traumatic drive but still want something sporty enough when they need their transportation fixed fast!

The new Integra is a bold, Japanese-built coupe with an eye to the future. It features prominently sloping roofline and tailgate design cues that give it modern appeal as well as iconic elements such its embossed name under both headlamps for driver side or taillights on passenger's side - which can also be lowered at night when backseat passengers need sleep too!

The fifth generation models will look familiar but offer plenty of updates: incorporating leading technology including Apple Car Play into their infotainment systems so you don't have find your phone anymore; adapting safety technologies like lane departure warning alerts if we're about to veer off course even without noticing (including audible tones); introducing autonomous emergency braking where available.

The Integra prototype has a muscular, retraced rear wheel arch and aggressive fascia with dual exhaust finishers. Inspired by previous models in the series it features single piece taillights that match its distinctive "Chicane" light signature behind 19 inch split five spoke wheels super sized Brembo high performance brakes are on hand for when you need them most
The car itself is beautifully designed from every angle but there's more than just good looks here; underneath all those shapes lies some serious muscle under restraint!